Who is this oboegoddess...???

I am a CA state certified massage therapist, oboist and fiber artist living in Los Angeles, CA. I enjoy sharing my passion for healing, music and crafting with those around me. The website you see here is a work in progress that will develop and grow as I do. Thanks for visiting!

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Cross Post 1/13/08

Posted a new blog entry over at http://jillandjill.wordpress.com/

Check it out! 



There's something I have to tell you...

As if one blog isn't enough...  So, a few months ago, I started a new joint fiber blog with a friend of mine.  Her name is also Jill.  We both like knitting and spinning.  She's a somewhat new member of GLASG and we've benn hanging out a bunch.  There were a few weeks there where we were going back and forth over email discussing our projects and advising each other on techniques, etc...  I have a smidge more experience spinning and she has vastly more experience knitting.  It was really fun, but we thought it might be nice to share our fibery conversing with others, so we started jill&jill.

I'm still kind of unsure, as is Jill B., about how to split up my blogging life between the two sites.  I haven't been all that active here, but I do love this blog.  It was my first one, I really like the way it looks.  It has great support.  The behind the scenes technology is fantastic.  And for all this, I pay a price... literally...every month.  I know, I know there are so many "Free" blog sites out there.  Maybe I'm dumb for paying too much for mine, but I do love it and like I said at the start up, I hope to use this blog and it's untapped, abeit expensive, potential/bells & whistles to become more technologically savvy. 

I was actually hoping to find a way to set up our joint blog through this site since this one supports multiple journals/blogs and try to figure out how to set up a seperate url to point to it, but that made my head hurt.  Maybe I'll write a little note to squarespace support and see what they say...  In the meantime I think what I will do is try a little cross posting for a while, with life stuff here and fiber stuff there.  If anyone out there, besides my mom,  is actually reading this thing, I'm open to suggestions...


My True Hollywood Story

So I've started to see these all over town...



Back in April, I was hired to sideline (pretend to play my instrument) for a feature film called "Walk Hard".  It was gobs of fun!  Based on the way the filming went, I was convinced that I would be carpeting the cutting room floor.  I just found out from an inside source who was at the crew screeneing this week, that I actually made it on the big screen!  No close ups, but you can definitely see me in the wide shots during the "Black Sheep" scene set in the 60's in the recording studio.  I'm also in the background of "Beautiful Ride" where Dewey recieves a Lifetime Achievement Award at the end of the movie, but you may not be able to make me out.  (BTW, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam was in that scene.  SUPERFUN!)  The movie comes out on Dec 25th.  I wish I could go out and see it on X-Mas day, but I imagine I'll be occupied with other activities...  If you do happen to go see it, keep an eye out for me.  It will be a bit of a game of "Where's Waldo?" but fun nonetheless.

 I need to put this on the list of things I never in a million years would have seen/done if I hadn't moved to Los Angeles.

 Actually I have another thing to add to that particular list (yeah maybe I should really start that list, huh?)  The evening I came back from my second Vipassana retreat last month, OG surprised me with last minute tickets to a Beck show at the Echoplex.  IT WAS AMAZING.  Small room, great sound guy.  We got into the space after about 75% of the people were in and we still managed to be about 20 feet away from the stage. (Why didn't I bring my camera?????)  Of course Beck was fantastic.  His hair is super long now and parted down the middle.  He has a new set of bandmates and they had been rehearsing for four days, he said.  They did all his hits, lots of old, classic Beck and did it so well.  I loved, loved, loved the bass player!  Wicked tall guy with huge curly hair and tons of charisma.  He sang all the high harmonies beautifully.  Beck loves Echo Park, his neighborhood, and seems to do this kind of thing (announce a concert a few hours before just to try out new stuff or rehearse live with new people.) a few times a year.  Though this was a bit of a strange way to come out of 10 days of noble silence, I thought it a fitting and warm homecoming.


Yeah, I'm in!!!

I got my ravelry invite today!  I'm very excited to go exploring on the site and set up my account.  There are a few preparations I have to make though. 

I must find the charger for my camera. (This has been a super bummmer side-effect of the move.  We're pretty much unpacked and I still can't find it!)

I must put together a cheapo light box (I found a few instructions for this online) and take good photos of my stash, WIP, FO's, etc.

I must sign up for a flickr account.  (I think this will be a good thing for my blog as well.  Most of the reason I haven't been blogging is because my current method for photo resize and upload is so tedious. )

 Finally and most important... I must get the internet working in my new apartment.  (OG is kind of working on this, but not really.  It wouldn't necessarilly be a problem except that I just got my ravelry invite so I need to get online with my computer!!!)

 So, it seems that at least the first three items could get taken care of before the end of the weekend.  Tonight I'm going to head out with a fiber friend to a Sip nStitch in Santa Monica and tomorrow we're going out to the valley to do spinning demo for some Girl Scouts event.  I really have no clue what it's all about, except that I haven't touched my wheel in so long and I'm so excited to get a whole day dedicated to spinning, not only with friends, but in the lovely outdoors.  It's supposed to be beautiful and in the mid 70's tomorrow.  So excited!


Lace Knitting

This past week was my boss's birthday.  What do you get for a woman has everything or has no problem buying it herself?  Why, a handknit cashmere lace bookmark of course!

 It took me about three days to knit this 3x4 inch piece of lace.  It was a good learning experience and I was happy to finally have a good excuse to knit a chart from the Arctic Lace book.  The fiber is Habu textiles laceweight, 100% naturally dyed cashmere knit with size 000 needles.  I'm not exactly sure what is the best way to photograph lace so I tried it a few different ways.

Captured with the industrial scanner at work.