Who is this oboegoddess...???

I am a CA state certified massage therapist, oboist and fiber artist living in Los Angeles, CA. I enjoy sharing my passion for healing, music and crafting with those around me. The website you see here is a work in progress that will develop and grow as I do. Thanks for visiting!

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Do I always have to have a title?

Still trying out new blog stuff. I added more stuff to the navigation column on the right and I figured out how to reply to a comment.... that's right! I got my first comment today!!!! Thanks Francesca! I'm not actually sure how she found me, but it felt nice to be noticed by a fellow blogger ;-)

773835-491641-thumbnail.jpgThis morning before work I finished my "designer yarn" I ended up carding 11 batts totaling around 5oz. It spun up to 100 yards. I decided not to ply it but keep it as a single... this may seem stupid, but I haven't set the twist on/washed any of the yarns I've spun yet, so I'm a little nervous about it. I have a whole pile of yarn to dunk yet. Maybe it's a chore for this weekend.

So here's a photo of the skein I spun this morning...773835-491643-thumbnail.jpg

It will probably end up as a skinny knit scarf. It may not crochet up very well because I spun it "Z" I've heard/discovered that it helps if singles are spun "s" if you are going to crochet them. We'll see... I'm so knitting impared still that I may end up trying to crochet it anyway, or else giving it away to a knitter with more patience than myself.


So much to learn...

I've spent most of today trying to figure out this blogging thing. I'm sure it will be a while before I work out all the kinks, so for now I'm having fun learning from my mistakes.

This morning, before I opened up this blog, I was working on creating an interesting new fiber blend. I discovered how nicely bamboo roving blends with wool. Really amps up the shine factor! I also threw in some cut up sari silk, dyed cotswold curls and green cut silk roving.












This photo thing is impossible... that picture is way too big. I'll have to figure out how to resize these things before I put any more up. How to people do these things without expensive software programs like photoshop?  (9/8/06... I figured it out!!!  Now I can put up photos!)

Wow... it's getting super hot now... feels about 100 degrees in here today! I'm sweating just sitting here!

Oh yeah, I wanted to mention what a great time I had on Saturday at Gwen Powell's supported spindle class. What was really cool about it was that because the draft and twist process is so slowed down, I could really observe the mechanics of making yarn. It has really helped with my technique back at the wheel and drop spindle... who knew? I'm glad my friend Mariko encouraged me to join the class. She's the best!

You can see some nice photos and commentary at Francesca' blog Fluffbuff.

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