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Feliz Navidad!

Hola from Autlan, Jalisco, Mexico!

I am traveling with Omar and his family through Mexico for two weeks this holiday season.  It has been tons of fun and truly interesting experience.  I have met about a million of his extended family members, visiting all over the big city of Autlan and small village of Lagunillas.  Everyone is very friendly and amused by my lack of language skills.  I am learning a lot of Spanish though!  I think I could easily become fluent in a few months time.

We are staying with Omar´s aunt and uncle in the childhood home of his mother.  It´s a good sized hacienda style home with a small courtyard and garden.  Part of the way they make their living is by running a small butcher shop on the weekends.  They have been very busy these past two days because of the holiday.  As I type, Miguel is back at the house slaughtering a third pig!  I´ve made sure to be far from the house during the carnage.  Despite all the porko, everyone has been very understanding about our vegetarianism.  It helps that previously, they hosted a woman from Holland who was also vegetarian.  Today, as is traditional on Christams Eve, we will be making tamales.  Everyone pitches in to help.  I get to make the spinach, cheese and mushroom tamales.  I can´t wait!

I have been taking tons of pictures and will post a bunch when I return.  We´re off now to by huaraches (sandals) for Omar and his dad.  Then we will return to the little town to begin the festivities!

Best wishes to all for a safe and happy holiday and lots of love!

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