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I am a CA state certified massage therapist, oboist and fiber artist living in Los Angeles, CA. I enjoy sharing my passion for healing, music and crafting with those around me. The website you see here is a work in progress that will develop and grow as I do. Thanks for visiting!

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Beautiful California Day!

Today was a text book beautiful day in Southern California.  It was warm and sunny with whispy clouds in the sky.  I went down to the Cultural Arts Center in Torrence this morning for the Southern California Weavers and Spinners Fiber Festival.  I am proud of the self control I was able to maintain considering all the super fiber stuff there was to behold.  I came home with a pound of super soft washed marino locks in beige and chocolate and 8 oz of blue-faced leister roving for dyeing.  It was nice to see a bunch of fiber friends from GLASG, especially a few that weren't at the last guild meeting.  I brought my camera, but as usual, I was too overwhelmed to take any pictures.

The evening gave way to a beautiful sunset...

View of downtown LA from my porch.

Vibrant sun yellow... fiber inspiration?

With a hint more pink...

Cute owl windchime from Little Tokyo.  I love owls!

Poppy pods... they're great for crafts!

I've still got a bunch more fiber photos in the archives.  I guess they'll have to wait until another day... 

Reader Comments (2)

Those are very enjoyable photographs.. And I agree with you, poppy pods are great for crafting. I photographed several blooming on the island yesterday and then saw whole foods is carrying poppy extract. Their allure is everywhere..

~Spirit is Limitless because Being is Infinity~
June 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSarah Strong
..good choice for your future crafts...

June 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

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