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I am a CA state certified massage therapist, oboist and fiber artist living in Los Angeles, CA. I enjoy sharing my passion for healing, music and crafting with those around me. The website you see here is a work in progress that will develop and grow as I do. Thanks for visiting!

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My too short, long weekend

773835-491612-thumbnail.jpgIt has been a pretty productive weekend.  Saturday, Omar and I went to the LA County Fair.  It was a lot of fun, but I forgot my camera so I didn't get to take a picture of the shearer, John, from Oregon.  He gave me this Suffolk fleece..

He told me that Suffolk is primarily a meat breed so the fiber is not the greatest, but what bad can be said about a free fleece??   I washed up about a half pound, which turned into just under 7 ozs.,  and put a handful through the drumcarder.  It's amazing how much sawdust falls out from the carder.  After spinning up a bit, I think it will work best to spin a bulky, lofty yarn to use for felted projects.  I think it will dye great too!  773835-491620-thumbnail.jpg

I really wanted to spend the rest of the evening with my hands in Fiber, but I had a concert to play with San Fernando Valley Symphony.  It went well, but was brutally hot in the auditorium.  I had worn a tank top and the black mohair shrug my mom made me because it was a cool night and, since it would have been tackey to take off the shrug, I suffered in a pool of sweat.  (Glad there were no phots of that! ;-))

773835-491597-thumbnail.jpgSunday, I went out and bought my first tub of Orvus paste (which I used on the suffolk fleece).   Something about it freaks me out, but it sure works like a charm.  I spent sunday evening on the couch with Simposon, Family Guy, etc and my support spindle.  I was working on getting through more of the black Crosspatch Creations I started during Gwen Powell's class a few weeks ago.

I took the day off today, Monday, to deal with a bunch of Election Board work and spend time with my blog.  My squarespace trial ends on Wednesday.  I think I'm going to take the plunge tomorrow and sign up for the cadillac account.  Gobs of options I don't know how to use, but paying a little extra will hopefully give me the incentive to learn as much as I can about how this web/blog thing really works.

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